Cloud Radar

In 2014, ARS began to explore our capabilities to develop a small size, 94GHz band, single pol, high sensitivity Radar, capable to provide range profiles of parameters that contain information about scatterers in the atmosphere such as cloud particles, raindrops, snowflakes and insects. The radar utilizes (again, as in previous projects) frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) signal which permits high range resolution down to 10 cm. Doppler capability of the radar makes it suitable for classification of particles and quantitative characterization of hydrometeors.

Different areas of application could be, apart of Precipitation and fog snowcast Hydrometeor classification, Calibration of precipitation and cloud radars including satellite-based systems, estimation of propagation effects for satellite links, etc.

Toni Broquetas is uncovering the RADAR. It is a monostatic radar with only one antenna and a circulator to separate transmitter and receiver paths

Pointing the radar to the Collserola Range in order to calibrate the System in terms of range resolution and uncertainty