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ARS – CommSensLab

Active Remote Sensing, as part of Remote Sensing Laboratory, is a research line of the CommSensLab Group at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Major research work is carried out on Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR, interferometry InSAR, radar polarimetry PolSAR, classification techniques, field and laboratory scatterometer measurements.

Main Projects

Last experiments and main projects are posted here.

Rain Radar

Based on previous developments (X-band GB-SAR), the Rain Radar is a new approach in meteorological radar technique to get complete Doppler spectra of hydrometeors in...
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First Interferogram with PAZ data at UPC

From left to right: SLC image of the area, interferogram and coherence map. The interferogram has been obtained from two Stripmap SLC images acquired by...
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Geosynchronous – Continental Land-Atmosphere Sensing System (G-CLASS)

G-CLASS is a space mission currently under feasibility study (Phase A). It was selected by the ESA's Advisory Committee for Earth Observation (ACEO) to compete...
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Geostationary Orbital Determination Project (GEODE)

The GEODE concept In order to operate a synthetic aperture radar from geostationary orbit (GEOSAR) such as G-CLASS, the orbital determination must be very accurate....
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Persistent Scatter Interferometry (PSI) processing

Persistent Scatter (PS) Interferometry (PSI) is a powerful remote sensing technique able to measure and monitor displacements of the Earth’s surface over time. PSI represents...
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120GHz Radar for Medical Applications

Doppler radar for measuring vital signs has been a research topic in recent years. The noncontact radar method requires neither internal nor external surrogates, but...
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