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120GHz Radar for Medical Applications

120GHz Radar for Medical Applications

Doppler radar for measuring vital signs has been a research topic in recent years. The noncontact radar method requires neither internal nor external surrogates, but it can provide reliable respiration and heart-beat measurements. With this 120GHz high sensitive radar, it is possible to directly detect and measure the chest wall and abdomen movement.

A metallic sphere is used to calibrate the radar response (in terms of radar reflectivity and range resolution)

A 120GHz Radar chip (TRX_120_01 RFE, from Silicon Radar) is used as a front-end of the instrument. The chip is mounted on a home-brew PCB. A 3D printed and copper metalized Reflector is used to collimate the beam

Example of the detection of heart-beat by means of the 120GHz radar and a real time signal processing

The TRX_120_01 RFE chip (Silicon Radar GmbH) is mounted on a FR4 Printed circuit board